Episode 128 - Infectious Disease Scientist Robert Baker

Interesting fact, the human body is a frail and vulnerable vessle that we're all trapped in!  A lot of stuff can destory a human body, such as bear attacks or chorizo burritos.  What scientisy Robert Baker studies are some of the nasties little organisms to ever wreck a human being, and otherwise - infectous diseases!  Things like small pox, ebola, the common cold, syphilis, and so very much more!  Robert has worked in some of the highest level diseases labs in the world, and he sits down with Collin to talk all about how to prevent the world's worst possible things from killing you!  Check out Collin's website at www.collinabullock.com, follow the podcast on Twitter @awkwardpodcast, and like the podcast on Facebook @awkwardmomentspod.  Collin likes you, and wants to be your friend.


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