Episode 61 - Competitive Eater Patrick Bertoletti

Patrick Bertoletti, competitive eater and food truck owner, joins Collin in the "studio" to discuss eating various things, what pooping is like, racist holidays, hipsters, neighborhoods, hanging out with famous people, indulgence, over indulgence, training, VHS tapes, the Guinness book of world records, pizza, pasta, burgers, hybrid foods, laws, culinary school, hydration, and much more!  Plus, Collin shares a recipe that will probably end your life.  Check us out on the web at www.awkwardmomentspod.com, like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/awkwardmomentspod, and follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/awkwardpodcast.  If you'd like to support the show, you can donate money on the website OR give us a good rating on iTunes OR tell your friends about the show!  Collin likes you, and wants to be your friend.


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