Episode 139 - Feminism, Nerd Culture, and A.I. with Sci-Fi Author Megan Mackie

WHAT?  LADIES READ NERD BOOKS!  That's right, losers: girls are Ghostbuters, Superman has PMS, and Wonder Woman was just 2 hours of Chris Pine getting punched in the dick!  Megan Mackie is a published sciene fiction author, so she's been a woman inhabiting traditionally male "nerd" space for her whole damn life!  She sits down with Collin to talk all about her books, the future of Artificial Intelligence and automation, and how the nasty men on the internet are very much in the minority.  Check out the podcast online at www.awkwardmomentspodcast.com, follow us on twitter at www.twitter.com/awkwardpodcast, and like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/awkwardmomentspod.  Collin likes you, and wants to be your friend!


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