Episode 138 - Art, Performance, and the Internet w/ Actor Brooks Sullivan

ACTING!  ACTING, MY DEAR BOY!  It's the process of pretending to be someone else, ostesiably for entertainment purposes.  Actually, sometimes you pretend to be yourself.  Anyway, Brooks Sullivan does that shit.  He's been in a lot of theatre and commercials and one time ALMOST voiced a puppy in a Disney Channel christma movie.  His experience in show business, the cruel mistress that it is, has taught him a lot about art and about lies and about the internet and about fast food and about Iowa, and so much more!  Plus, we learn that Collin can't say the word "hockey".  Check out the podcast online at www.awkwardmomentspodcast, check out Collin's website at www.collinbullock.com, follow us on Twitter at @awkwardpodcast, and like us on Facebook at @awkwardmomentspod.  Collin likes you, and wants to be your friend.


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