Episode 134 - Recreational Drug User Brad Kofman

Everyone has got some crazy stories, and more often than not those crazy stories involve drugs of some kind.  Weed, coke, shrooms, acid, molly, e, or just way too many damn beers - it gets you to a place where inhibitions are low and descisions are ofen poorly thought out.  Brad Kofman, yes that's the correct spelling, has endured a number of those kinds of stories.  Bad encounters with police, run ins with knife wielding maniacs, helping poor children in Nepal - Brad's been there, and he sat down with Collin to talk all about it!  Follow the podcast on Twitter @awkwardpodcast, like us on Facebook @awkwardmomentspod, and check out Collin's website www.collinabullock.com.  Collin likes you, and wants to be your friend.


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