Episode 132 - Pregnant Stripper Alydar Skyy

Ok, so imagine you're a stripper.  You take your clothes off and people give you paper money in exchange for the privelige of being in the room while it happens.  Now, let's add one more wrinkle:  you got a baby in your belly!  You're the madonna and the whore, the giver of life and taker of singles in exchange for brief erection giving!  Alydar Skyy found herself in this exact position a few years back, when she found herself pregnant while stripping.  She sits down with Collin to talk all about this particular period in her life, which might involve more vomit than you would expect!  Follow us on Twitter - @awkwardpodcast; like us on Facebook - @awkwardmomentspod, and check out Collin's website - www.collinabullock.com.  Collin likes you, and wants to be your friend.


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