Episode 129 - MMA Fighter Ramy Daoud

Ramy Daoud is a guy who punches people in the head for a living.  Well, that's a simple way of stating it.  He's an athlete, and a pretty damn elite one - an MMA fighter with a great record and one hell of a left hook.  Maybe his left hook isn't great, but I liked the way that sounded.  Ramy grew up Muslim in the suburbs of Chicago, and he taught himself how to fight - and how to win.  He sat down with Collin in the dojo (actually a spare room in Collin's apartment, but it does have microphones) to talk all about fighting, faith, food, fucking, and so much more!  Check out the website at www.awkwardmomentspod.com, find Collin's stand up dates at www.collinabullock.com, follow us on Twitter @awkwardpodcast, and like us on Facebook @awkwardmomentspod.  Collin likes you, and wants to be your friend.


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